February 18

E-Week Ideas Round Up

Today starts E-Week. What is E-Week? Elephant Appreciation week? While that would be awesome, no. Eleven week? Nope, the eleventh week of the year isn’t until the first week of March – 2 weeks away. ┬áNo, E-Week stands for Engineer Week – a week to:

  • Celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world
  • Increase public dialogue about the need for engineers
  • Bring engineering to life for kids, educators, and parents

You can learn more about E-Week at DiscoverE.org.

As a future teacher who wants to focus on Science and Math, engineering specifically and STEM in general are going to be essential topics in my classroom. I also want to be involved in activities outside of the classroom like First Lego League and MathCounts to get my students excited about STEM careers. I hope to celebrate E-Week in my classroom. There are a ton of ideas and resources out there, but here are a few I’ve collected:

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