January 25

About Me

ABCs 123s…Angie Brand’s Classroom!

Welcome to my educational blog. Right now, this blog is a place for me to keep track of ideas for my classes as I work on earning my teaching license.  Class assignments, ideas for things I want to try, great things I’ve learned, and my thoughts on education…whatever crosses my mind.  Eventually, this will become a blog for my classroom when I finish school and start teaching on my own!

Who am I? I am on my way to earning my teaching degree in both Elementary and Middle Level Education with concentrations in Math and Science from the University of Northern Iowa. In the meantime, I am a substitute teacher in Pleasant Valley, North Scott, and Bettendorf Schools in Iowa. Subbing gives me the opportunity to be in the classroom and explore different grade levels while using what I am learning in classes.

In my personal life, I am married with 3 kids who keep me very busy. In my free time, I love to read – I am trying to read a book each week during the year for a total of 52 books! I also enjoy movies, particularly anything Marvel, and am addicted to Downton Abbey and Ghost Adventures on TV. I listen mostly to classical music with the Piano Guys being my go-to radio station on my phone. I also love to travel and my family tries to go on a road trip each summer.  I do have a blog relating to our trips if you are ever interested in checking that out – https://fivepeoplefiftystates.wordpress.com.

So, come along on my journey and let’s learn together!